Caleb Donaldson, Gardener-in-Chief

An experienced writer, editor, Web producer, and production manager, Caleb joined Cyborganic in September 1995. Prior to this he worked as Production Manager of c|net: the computer network, at that time the largest original-content site on the World Wide Web. Caleb established standards and systems for launch and managed a department of ten producers and support staff.

Caleb began his Internet career working first as a staff copy editor and writer, then as Production Editor, at Wired magazine. In 1994 he joined the HotWired launch team as Production Editor, responsible for establishing HotWired's prose and layout style, as well as for overseeing the copy editing, formatting, and accuracy of all HotWired content.

A professionally-trained rape-crisis and peer counselor, Caleb also manages the operations of the space bar, Cyborganic's real-time chat service.

Caleb graduated cum laude from Yale University in 1990 with a B.A. in Philosophy.

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