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TND this week, for me, was not the power-packed social whirlwind that it usually is... not for lack of people, but for lack of motivation. Instead, it was an oppurtunity for me to catch up with those few people I count among my nearest and dearest, and that I don't get to see outside of TND, usually. This is one of the great attributes of TND -- it's scalable, to a large extent; one can be the social nut, or one can retire to the back porch with a friend for a semi-serious conversation. Of course, the night would not have been complete without cracking up with a mouth full of Bailey's, thereby splattering poor Jim. Heh.

David Wolfgang-Kimball

Primarily, I must praise Fixer for his incredible soups. I arrived at Cyborganic hungry as an Irish hound, which was soon remedied. YUMM YUMM. BIG kudos to the BIG Fix.Everyone seemed to be in good spirits, as there was much Irish potato lager flowing. It was a pleasant relief to walk into a not-so-crowded Cyborganic this week, as it was a sardine can of a party last week. After eating, my cohort, twerp23, and I relocated outside on the stairway, where we found dipwick and foodfood chatting away. It was a lovely night, and these two folks were quite pleasant, as anyone who has met them would likely agree. (plus dipwick gave me the rest of his beer, for which I am forever grateful!)
I must mention that in this week's and last week's TNDs, I have been reunited with a fella that I used to hang with in pre-school. Absolutely amazing! It is so wonderful to see this guy, and what better place than TND!?! We used to throw Lincoln Loggs (tm) at each other!!! Later, I was introduced to two people, namely agro and dammit, that I only knew offhandedly from the spacebar. This sort of thing is always an adventure, as I'm never sure who I am going to meet. I like it though, it's nifty.
Merin was really disappointed with me, as I went about all day talking about how I itched to imbibe more than my fair share of sour mash, and then lost the ambition when it got down to it. I guess I should keep my mouth shut next time!

Spacebar personality:
Mark Luntzel

Agro and Jem , two other spacebar personalities present at TND.
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