This week's Dispatch Email

Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 19:53:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bryna Bank 
Subject: We're Brown Baggin' It

            y e r   m a m a   d r e s s e s   y o u   f u n n y

Flashback to cafeteria lines and grade school for this TND, brought to you
by the fabulous Kat Kovacs. For those who don't know who she is, go to this
URL right now:

Kat is making a huge pile of brown bag lunches for all us little ruffians -
complete with sammiches to trade and exciting things to munch!

Bring these other food-like items:

good things to trade
        - twinkies
        - ice cream sandwiches
        - capri suns
        - hostess donettes
        - carrot sticks

wine   (we're the BAD kids)

cafeteria foods
        - trays of brownies
        - mystery meat
        - big piles of potato salad
        - greasy french fries
        - mushy spaghetti
OR be creative and bring bag lunches of your own!

Our other volunteers:

dj:     Baal  -- baal -- what is your real name?
swab:   pls read internal school correspondance

M E M O         T N D   M A Y  3 0    Cyborganic Elementary

Hi there.  My name is Mark and I've been a school janitor for over 31
years and I'd like to apply for the position of janitor/swabmaster for
the school lunch lady on the 30th.

Normally I spend most of my time either working in the flooded boiler
room down at the Catholic school or sitting in my bathtub and playing
with my underwater toys.  In fact, I'm typing thi on my custom built
underwater tub computer that allows me to spend even more time in the
tub.  But on Thursday the 30th they are coming to make some adjustments
to the tub toilet prototype and I'm going to have to get out of the
water and risk unwrinkling for an evening.  My hands have always been
wrinkled so I am scared.  I did a search of the Web for wrinkling
opportunities and it looks like this person Kat Kovacs needs a
janitor/swabmaster.  I'm not sure about being a master, but the janitor
position holds tremendous appeal for me.  Non union right?

Mark Baker,

No food fights please!



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