TND Private Info

Frustrated by rumor and hearsay? Well, look no further. Welcome to source of all Thursday Night Dinner knowledge.

This page is password-protected so we have some control over who attends our Thursday Night Dinners. Please help to keep it that way. If there's someone you would like to invite, go ahead and invite them. We'll give them the password to this site when they've been to a couple dinners and know the score.

If you had such a good time last week that you don't remember where we are, take a look at the directions.

Remember the Opulent Organic Triangular Dinner? The Mills Pajama Breakfast Extraordinaire? Elise and Kim's Succulent Chicken Delight?

Think you're up to the challenge?
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Everyone's doing it.

Sonic sez: "I only date guys who prove themselves as chefs at TND."

Peruse the elitist list of regular attendees. If you don't remember the Admin user and password required for viewing that area, telephone the TND Queen at (415) 553-8554.