On the Net, we have a chance to reinvent commerce, a chance we can't afford to miss. Newcomers to the Internet toss up billboards and toss around metaphors, subsuming the brave new medium under tired old ideas. Cyborganic will resist doing things the easy way. We will present online commerce as a new kind of interaction, where buyer and seller are real people to one another, not numbers, where advertising means information.

Calliope brings the best in arts and entertainment to CD-ROM. This new company is already causing a stir with its first title, ScruTiny in the Great Round. Find out more about ScruTiny and upcoming titles on Calliope's Web site.

Maus Haus
Maus Haus is an information design company that understands that new media is "not about technology, per se, it's about communication." A quick stroll through Maus Haus reveals the enormous depth of experience this company has with clients large and small.

A collection of functional art. Browse the gallery, place an order, remember what it's like to own something handmade, something unique.

Who says computers are bad for your posture? Enlighten your body and free your spirit with yoga. YogaNet brings Yoga Journal, America's preeminent yoga magazine, to the Web. Namaste.

Abbe Don Interactive, Inc.
Abbe Don says it best herself: "Our secret ingredient is the ability to put emotional oomph into our designs, touching people's hearts as well as stimulating their minds and eyes."

New Dog Music
Sound and video production from New Dog Music / Dog & Pony Studios. Tasty sound bites, de-luxe production facilities, and a dog named Art. What more could you ask for?

Neil Singer, M.D.
Doctor Singer and his Union Square Medical Group provide the very best in medical care to some of San Francisco's most notorious digerati. Get digging all you gossip hounds: at least one intimate detail about a famous patient lurks in his pages. An old-fashioned doctor in a high-tech world, Dr. Singer even does his own HTML.