Home Economics Video Clip
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1999 Production Sound Coordinator
"Age of Elegance", 70 min., Digital Beta
Documentary about the Ms Senior America Pageant held in Las Vegas. Directed by Cooper Layne, the film premiered at the San Jose Film Festival in March, 2001.
1994 Assistant Sound Editor/Mix Assistant
"One Night Stand", 97 min., 35mm
Produced by Roger Corman and directed by Talia Shire. Michelle Sanderson (Ally Sheedy) seems to have it all, but a steamy one night stand turns her life upside down in this narrative feature produced for Concorde-New Horizons. Post-production sound cut & mixed at American Zoetrope, San Francisco, CA
1994 Producer/Director
"Home Economics" 47 min., video
Documentary about the American Dream of home ownership and the social costs of suburban sprawl. Produced at U.S.C. Center for Visual Anthropology. Broadcast on the P.B.S. Television Network (POV series), July 1995. Premiered at DCTV, Act of Video Festival, New York, NY, 1994.
1993 Sound Editor
"Rhino Skin", 90 min., 16 mm
Hopwood Productions, Los Angeles, CA.
Feature documentary about the making of a movie star. Screened at Palm Springs Film Festival, 1993.
1992 Sound Designer
"Friends" 27 min., 16mm
Independent narrative film featuring James Earl Jones, directed by Pamela Soper.
1991 Sound Designer, Recordist & Mixer
"All-American Story", 28 min., 16mm
Independent documentary directed by John Keitel. A sharp, funny snapshot of the filmmaker as a young gay man, attending a Stanford reunion and shocking himself more than his straight pals. Screened at Sundance Film Festival, 1992.
1991 Sound Mixer
"Ladies in the House", 10 min., 16mm
Independent documentary about a women's motorcycle club. Directed by Laura Schroeter & Mary Beth Bresolin, produced at Center for Visual Anthropology, U.S.C., Los Angeles, CA.
1990 Producer/Director
"The Body Politic", 10 min., 16mm Independent documentary about three yuppie prostitutes produced at the Center for Visual Anthropology, U.S.C., Los Angeles, CA.
1990 Producer/Director
"Image of Truth", 10 min., Super-8
Experimental travelogue about artful truth and truthful art.
1990 Producer/Director
"Woman", 10 min., Super-8
1990 Producer/Director
"The Happiest Man in the World", 7 min., Super-8
1990 Producer/Director
"Legend", 5 min., Super-8
Experimental short inspired by "Legend", a poem by Hart Crane, about the value of even painful experience when it is transformed by creative expression.
1990 Producer/Director
"Two to Tango", 3 min., Super-8
Stephanie tries to teach herself the tango with a dance-by-numbers kit in this whimsical silent film. But she finds some things take two.
1989 Director/Cinematographer/Editor
"Today's Implosion", 5 min., 16mm to video
A short experimental film about urban renewal in Boston. Broadcast on Boston's WBCN Television, Channel 5, 1989.