Cyborganic Hosts "Da Mayor" For Online Pre-Election Chat

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-- Mayor Willie Brown's Internet Chat Marks the First Organized Event
in the New Mission St. Location --

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. October 30, 1996 -- The Cyborganic Corporation
today announced plans to host Mayor Willie Brown for a pre-election
online chat on November 4, from 5 p.m. -- 6 p.m., followed by a
one-hour online roundtable discussion. This event inaugurates
Cyborganic's new 654 Mission Street home in its role as a multimedia
gulch event space and Internet access point. The Cyborganic
Corporation will be providing computers and Internet access for Mayor
Brown and the event staff during the chat. Press are invited to attend
either virtually or in person. The event, titled "Screen-Side Chat
with Da Mayor," is produced by Neo Communication, a San
Francisco-based Web development firm known for technological
innovation. In addition to Cyborganic, co-sponsors include Genuity
(, an Internet backbone access provider who will
provide chat servers and high-bandwidth chat hosting facilities, and
the Multimedia Development Group (, a not-for-profit
market and business development trade organization with an active and
diverse San Francisco Membership.

Affectionately known as "Da Mayor," Willie Brown will discuss issues
related to encouraging and supporting San Francisco's status as a hub
of Internet innovation. Anyone with Net access may participate in the
online chat, express their opinions and ask questions for free, either
via the Web ( or via telnet (

"San Francisco is the multimedia center of the planet. I want to keep
it that way," said Mayor Brown in anticipation of the event.

"Cyborganic's focus on community made this event a natural fit for
us," said Jonathan Steuer, President and CEO of The Cyborganic
Corporation. "We were thrilled when Neo brought us this perfect
inaugural event for our new space. Cyborganic's very existence is
based on the relationship between online and offline. Hosting the
online portion of this chat is a perfect opportunity to establish
Cyborganic's new home as a gathering place for the San Francisco
Internet community. And bringing the Mayor's office online to discuss
technology-related issues during election time is smart government,
smart business, and smart community building."

In true community spirit, a roundtable of leaders, experts and
ordinary citizens from San Francisco's diverse multimedia gulch and
outlying Internet communities will also be online to discuss the
issues after Da Mayor logs off. The discussion will include leaders
and members of San Francisco's online community, such as Malcolm
CasSelle of NetNoir, Peter Esty of SeniorNet, and Karen Wickre of
Planet Out. An archive of the chat will be available on the web site
after the online event itself.

"We look forward to many such events, with the Mayor's office and
other groups," commented Cyborganic Gardener-in-Chief Caleb
Donaldson. "Clearly, with a ground-up medium such as the Internet, we
are devoted to applying a ground-up approach to dealing with Internet
issues whenever possible. An ongoing online dialogue with San
Francisco administrators would open new

avenues for democracy."

Produced by Neo Communication (, this event extends the
Mayor's informal "Open Door" program to Cyberspace, making civic
government more accessible than ever before.

About The Cyborganic Corporation

The Cyborganic Corporation, located in San Francisco, Calif., is one
of the most respected Web design, consulting and hosting firms in the
industry, with an established community of young artists, programmers
and online content producers. Cyborganic builds sites that are useful
and innovative -- sites that encourage human-to-human
interaction. Cyborganic has pioneered a bottom-up design strategy that
mirrors the structure of the Internet itself. The user-centered
publishing model and community-based company vision provide a model
for what the Net can and should be. The Cyborganic Corporation is a
privately held company with growth plans including expansion of both
the user-centered publishing model and operation of a Net-centric
public space. The Cyborganic Corporation can be reached by telephone
at 415/227-GEEK, by email at, or on the World
Wide Web at .

An archive of previous releases is also available.

Press inquiries to Naomi Pearce at