Setting Up A Majordomo-owned Mailing List

Answer the questions on this page to the best of your ability. If you aren't sure about an option, leave it set to the default. Although it looks like there are a lot of items on this page, you only need to pay attention to the first four. You can leave the rest untouched and still have a perfectly usable mailing list.

When you become an advanced list administrator and want to configure the list more precisely, you can use majordomo itself via the commands config and writeconfig. (Send the message "help" to if you need full instructions).

When you are finished, click Process at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions, please email

Required Items

For starters, what will the list be called? Keep it short and simple, and only use a hyphen (-) for punctuation, if possible.

Now I need your Cyborganic login id:

Choose a password for the list. The password is used by the administrator to approve certain requests, and retrieve and install configuration files. Password:

You must choose a subscription policy. Possible choices are:

Optional Items

Majordomo can filter out messages with administrative requests (eg: subscribe, unsubscribe) and bounce them to the list maintainer instead of the list at large. Do you want this behavior?

Enter a short description of the list's purpose and/or audience. This shows up when people send the lists command to Majordomo.

Do you want to moderate this list? (If yes, all messages will be forwarded to you for approval before being posted.)

I can consider email addresses like to be equivalent to This is useful if a single user sends mail from multiple machines within one domain. Turn this feature on?

Do you want me to remove all Received headers from a message before sending it?

If you want to restrict posting to certain email addresses, enter them here. If you want to restrict posting to list members, enter the name of the list again.

Do you want to strip any extraneous info from member addresses? Example: If someone's From line reads (Spanky The Wonder Turtle), and Strip is set to yes, then only will be entered in the list file; the name will be discarded.

Message Customization

In this section, you tell majordomo what sort of customizations you want done on various parts of incoming messages. Many of these questions allow you to use the following tokens: If a question says tokens available it means you can use these tokens in your answer.

I can add a string to the beginning of each subject line - this may make it easier for some users to filter their mail. Tokens available.

If you want a special Reply-To header, enter it here. You can enter the token $SENDER to force the sender's name into the Reply-To field (other tokens not available).

If you want a special Sender header, enter it here. Majordomo recommends using owner-listname.

Optional headers:
You can define additional headers to be inserted into each message. NB:Use of incorrect or non-standard headers can cause some Internet email systems to puke or crash on your messages. Only fill this part in if you know what you are doing. Tokens available.

Message fronter:
You can have majordomo automatically append some text to the beginning of every message sent to the list. Tokens available.

Message footer:
And similarly for text appended to the end of every message. Tokens available.

List Privacy Options

Each of these items can be disabled for non-members. Example: if you set Restrict who? to yes, then users who aren't subscribed to the list will not be able to get the current subscriber list. (Of course, they can subscribe, ask for the list, and then immediately unsubscribe again. This only disables casual browsers.) If you are unsure what these commands refer to, see the majordomo help.

Restrict get?
Restrict index?
Restrict info?
Restrict which?
Restrict who?