Forwarding Your Cyborganic Email

To have your Cyborganic email forwarded to another address, you must do the following.

In the text editor of your choice, open a new file. The sole content of this file should be the email address you want your mail forwarded to. If you want your Cyborganic mail forwarded to, the document should only contain this:

with no extra words or spaces. Save this document as text only, and name it


(the period before the word "forward" is very important).

Now ftp this document as TEXT to your home directory on Your home directory is the default directory you land in when you ftp or log in to cyborganic with no directory specified -- or you can use the pathname

~, which is UNIX shorthand for "my home directory", which, on Cyborganic's network, is really /user/yourusername/

So when you ftp to, put your ".forward" file in /user/yourusername/ and you are all set!

You should test this by emailing to verify that email does indeed get forwarded.

Some tips on debugging:

If you have done all of the above and your email is still not forwarding to the account you set, please email