Changing Your Password

New Members: If you have just become a member of Cyborganic, you have a temporary password that must be changed right away.

Other People: It's a good idea to chage your password every now and then, especially if you think someone may have seen you type it in. Even more especially if that person is a member of a high-tech espionage ring.

To change your password:

1. Using telnet, open a connection to

2. At the login: prompt, enter your Cyborganic username and hit return.

3. At the Password: prompt, type in your password (for new members, this is the temporary password you were given over the phone), then hit return. You should then be logged on. Note: for security reasons, no characters are displayed when you type in your password.

4. Type
then hit return.

5. Type in your old password again. Then type in a new password, which will have to be entered twice.

It's a good idea to have a password ready: use mixed upper and lower case letters, along with some numbers or special characters. Don't use real words, and avoid using words that could be guessed at (like the name of the street you live on).

When you've confirmed your new password, don't forget to logout of your telnet session, by typing exit.

Don't forget your password!

If you have forgotten your password, call Bryna at 415.864.5700, beg for mercy and a new password which you will need to change right away.

Never send your password by email!

Email is generally not secure, so you run the risk of somebody absconding with your password, which would make us all very sad.