How to make a slideshow

The slideshow is a script for Cyborganic members, designed by sonic and built by panic.

Using the slideshow, an unlimited number of images of any size in one directory can be viewed in succession via the Web. Netscape users can sit and watch them go by automatically (meta refresh tag), and non-Netscape users can click on each image to get the next.

To make your own slideshow, cut and paste this slice of code replacing directory with the name of the directory with your images for the slideshow.

In that directory you should also create two documents, named header.html and end.html. The header.html provides the title and body information for each picture in the slideshow. The end.html is the page shown when all images in the directory are exhausted. It is good to put a link on this page back to your home page, as the browser "back" button has to go through every image in the slideshow. If there is no 'end.html', "the end" is automatically printed with the default background color. The header.html and end.html should not have </body> or </html> tags.

<a href="/cgi-bin/slideshow.cgi?dir=directory&refresh=6">T1 or better</a> | <a href="/cgi-bin/slideshow.cgi?dir=directory&refresh=20"> 28.8k to 56k </a>| <a href="/cgi-bin/slideshow.cgi?dir=directory&refresh=25">14.4k</a>

Say my username is agro, and my slideshow images are all in a directory called "slides". I would put the following code in my Web page:

<a href="/cgi-bin/slideshow.cgi?dir=/people/agro/slides&refesh=6">T1 or better</a> | <a href="/cgi-bin/slideshow.cgi?dir=/people/agro/slides&refresh=20">28.8k to 56k</a> | <a href="/cgi-bin/slideshow.cgi?dir=/people/agro/slides&refresh=25">14.4k</a>

You can mess around with the refresh time command (it's in seconds), if you know what you're doing, but you'll void the warranty.

Here is an example; it is helpful to include some explanatory words, such as:
"Please select your bandwidth to view a slideshow. Those without Netscape can click on each image to see the next."
T1 or better | 28.8k to 56k | 14.4k