Content and Hypertext Design

Making a good Web site requires good content as well as good planning. Below are some tips for both content creation and organization that may be of some help.


What constitutes "good content" is determined by the context of the medium (i.e. the Web) as well as the context you create for yourself with your design, both visual and hypertext.

Hypertext design

When you sit down to begin planning your site, keep in mind that planning for future growth, with a little bit of clever hypertext strategy now, will make your life much easier. Plot your home page layout on paper, make a flow chart. Your site's directory tree (system of folders inside folders) should pretty nearly match the paper version. The big mistake most first-time Web builders make is throwing all files into one directory/folder, whether images, text, video or sound, and regardless of the level of information the files represent in the site. As your site grows, this quickly becomes unmanageable, and you may find yourself having to rebuild the whole site. Plan for growth; think of your site as a series of home pages for your major areas, give each of them their own folder and index page. This process is infinitely expandable.