Uploading Pages

You need an application that has an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) function. Mac users can use Fetch, PCs have WS FTP, among others.

Your home directory is where you automatically land when you login or ftp to staging.cyborganic.net with your username and no directory specified. In your home directory find the italicized directory named " web "; go there. This puts you in /www/cyborganic/people/yourusername/, the directory that will hold your web site's "/index.html" file (home page), and all other items for your site. Upload your site to this directory.

Your desktop-built site may behave differently on a live server, so check your work on the staging server (http://staging.cyborganic.net/people/yourusername/). Make any necessary corrections on your local version and upload them again.

When you are ready to put your pages on the live server, use the Cyborganic Instant Publisher.