The Hothouse

Here is the cream of the crop --
Cyborganic's featured funk,
picked at the peak of flavor and
proudly presented for your delectation.

The Field Guide to North American Males
Human males can be so baffling, a vast, undifferentiated hairy mass darting around the periphery of your vision like common wrens. You need a guide--like, say, a bird guide--to break down the boy populace into discrete species for easier categorization.

Sashaying across the Internet comes Blair, a Web zine with enough attitude for a chorus line of drag queens. Blair has it all. Urban cool explained! the Izod mystique explored! And don't miss Sissy, the fabled lost issue of Sassy Magazine.

Quirky personal perspectives and intriguing animated type treatments make this site a gem. Find a browser with bells and whistles: the GIF animations are not to be missed.

Finally, some real livestock for our Gardens. FeatherSite provides a look at fancy fowl and (for many) forgotten farm-life. Scratch around the site for movies, images, and lore concerning these barnyard miracles.

Eyeneer home on the range -- where the eye and the cochlea play. Witness the breadth of the world's music. Invaluable archives of traditional American genres, international music, and a slew of otherworldly compositions by your enigmatic host.

The Wedge
Can you rise to the challenge of The Wedge? This ten-level game features puzzles, mazes, riddles, and more. Programmer and game designer David Ray pushes the limits of interactivity on the Web to create a compelling adventure. And if the puzzles take you a while, no problem. You can save your game and resume it later. See if you can make it to enlightenment.