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Wander the Downs and sample
the wonders of the written
word. Who says the Internet
will make us illiterate?

Deconstruction for the sake of art. Present explores the new literary form of the Web, but never feels stale or academic. Funny vignettes and great production values make up the heart of what Present presents.

Prose sushi from Cyborganic and the Net at large. Snarf up a couple chunks of creative writing or submit a 54-word story of your own. This site is elegant in its singlemindedness. No fluff, no frills, just some snack-sized stories. Enjoy.

Garrett County Journal
A whirlwind trip through the fringes of prose and poetry. Text-based craziness from all over collected by one madman and his cronies. Truly a place to get lost in.

Cron Job
A "sorta weekly" humor column in the grand tradition of... well... humor columns. Cron Job, by Todd Kerpelman, is worthy of newsprint, but published here on the Web for all you geeks. Dating advice, stirring accounts of geek life in San Francisco, and the McDLT all provide worthy material for Todd's quirky analysis.

Anonymous Magazine
A Midwest rave-scene rag gone digital. All kinds of rave-related goodies. The real deal, from those who know. Don't miss the adventures of Smileee, superhero raver chick.

Nick Montfort brings the literary sensibility back to the Web. A daily infusion of writing for people who love writing. Submit your own stories, essays, and poetry. Or just rediscover the power of the written word.