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a reunion
Sho and his girlfriend, Amy.

Today at TND, two lovers were re-united. Amy, who goes to school in Ohio, arrived in San Francisco today, and through the kindness of friends, was secreted into Ramona, where she was later discovered by Sho, who works here in SF for General Magic. The reunion was touching, and witnessed by a bevy of revellers.
The corned beef and cabbage, and potato cheese soup were OUTSTANDING, and leave it to Fixer and Jake to make more food than the crowd could consume. Other contributions included bread, guinness, irish wiskey, guinness, scalloped potatoes, guinness, cheese and crackers, strawberries, and guinness.
A debut appearance by Justin Hall was the icing on the cake. Fresh from the beaches of Daytona, where he was almost laid by a biker babe who said "I'm gonna take care of this kid's hair, and then I'm gonna fuck him to death." Unfortunately, she lost interest and took off with a tattoed guy named Jim Morrison. Such is life.

Aimee Cardwell

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