the green
Kick off your shoes and wander around the Cyborganic Gardens. The toolbar at the bottom of each page will take you directly to any of the major sections, which are all explained at the Crossroads. Of course, we have a couple suggested stops along your stroll:

Lie on The Couch
You're in a psychiatrist's office in Manhattan's Flatiron building, spying on the group therapy sessions of eight artsy, creative New Yorkers. Read their diaries; follow them into their private liaisons. You'll find humor and drama and real old-fashioned storytelling.

Eat a Bowl of Flakes
GeekCereal is a daily Web drama featuring the real lives of seven Cyborganics. Lose yourselves in someone else's problems for a change, and get a glimpse of Geek life in San Francisco.

Boywatchers Unite!
Girlfriends, would it not it be lovely if the world of boys were as neatly classifiable as that of the animal kingdom? If there were some means of imposing order on the random, unruly boy universe? The Field Guide to North American Males is the answer.

The Gifted Keeps on Giving
The Gifted is the twisted brainchild of Stephen Rice. Page Seven is up for your perusal, a further journey into the darkness.

The Valley
Cyborganic had to expand its Hothouse to accomodate all the content we're collecting. Wander The Valley for the best site-seeing on the Web.

Get the Dirt on the Gardens
Things happen fast. Sign up for the Almanac and stay informed as the seasons change.