The Hothouse
Cyborganic's featured content. While we build the Valley, the Hothouse may be a little cluttered. Some of these sites will move out to their own Valley plots soon. For now, bask in the glory that is Blair, or take a walk through FeatherSite's henhouse.

Field of Vision
Sites full of sights to make you ooh and ahh. From the gorgeously executed panels of The Gifted's dark vision to the political commentary of Winston Smith's famed collage art.

Scroll Downs
Prose and poems, all manner of textual diversions. Sample the finest in snack-sized stories in 54, or explore the labyrinthine passages of Garrett County Journal.

Reflecting Pool
Narcissus would have loved the Web. Where else can you exalt yourself to unsuspecting millions. Justin Hall, touted as "the first person to get famous on the Web," continues to astound with his Summer Tour. Marjorie Ingall covers everything from makeovers to the Deaf Rights movement on Snarly Central.

The Web can make a difference on the other side of the screen too. The information assembled on the Safer Sex Page saves lives. And the revolutionary California Housing Partnership is changing the lives of homeless men and women in San Francisco.