The Cyborganic FAQ

Q: What is Cyborganic?
A: Cyborganic is building a hybrid community space, with online and offline components. As a group we believe that a human, social aspect of the Internet will be essential to its further growth. To that end, we will sponsor educational and social events in a real space, while building a community-oriented Web site and Internet service.

Q: Are you guys an Internet Service Provider?
A: Yes and no. Soon, Cyborganic will be providing Internet access to its members. But to say we're an Internet Service Provider misses the point. An Internet Service Provider is concerned with connecting you with the Internet, and that's all. Cyborganic provides a community of other Net explorers to share with, and will develop technological and other resources. The Web site and the physical site each provide powerful ways to bring people together. The mix is unprecedented. Cyborganic is a new kind of business entirely.

Q: Are you a Web site developer?
A: Again, yes and no. Members of Cyborganic have built some of the biggest sites out there. We build sites to pay our bills. And sometimes we'll work on something because it's good for our commuinity or because it includes cool new technologies we want to explore. On the whole, though, we'd rather consult with others about building their own sites, and teach members of our community to do the same. Feel free to write us if you have a project you think might interest us.

Q: How are you going to make any money?
A: Send us $10 and we'll tell you.

Q: Who's responsible for this?
A: We are.

Q: How do I get involved?
A: Sign up for the Garden Almanac, our occasional newsletter. Join Cyborganic, and make a home page in the Forest. If you're really moved, check out our job listings and help us settle the Digital Frontier.