Potato(e) Famine!

By Mister 3D

For those of you not on the TND mailing list, or didn't look at your mail this week (Phreek!), the theme was not just potatoes, but POTATO(e) FAMINE!

Famine, the theme concocted by Vagabond Jim and Aimee Cardwell , was somewhat less than accurate. Potatoes were everywhere!

The scrubbing started early and, due to the sheer number of spuds, Sonic's oven was drafted as a secondary cooking device.

In the meantime, Mister 3D (writing in third person for some unknown reason), managed to inflict a minor cut on his finger. Minor maybe, but it bled like a pig. The cut wasn't bad, but it severed MANY capillaries.

Ex-Navy Corpsman (medic), Rich Raucci, volunteered to help with first-aid. He got a bit impatient when I wouldn't let him work until the camcorder was located and photographic evidence of my stupidity could be obtained.


But enough about me. The food was amazing as usual. Lots-o-potatoes, lots-o-goo.
Ummmmmmmmm, goooooooooooo.

Some unusual 'tater-treats' made an appearance as well. For the Food Report, I turn you over to Guest Correspondent Rebecca Eisner.

Techno-Woodie Alert!

What a bunch of cool stuff! Herr Doktor Generlissimo President of Life Cheeeeez requested that the TND sound system be upgraded to include his Magnepan speakers! (pre-amp required) Oooooooooo, big speakers.

And if that's not enuf, CU-SeeMe made
its first appearance!!

Hail Technology!

Hail Wasted Bandwith!

Anyone for Seconds??