Putting up a Home Page

So you want to put up a home page? It's not hard, just follow these steps.

First, make your home page. You need just a few things: a computer with enough RAM to support a few vital applications (Mac) (PC), a basic knowledge of HTML, and a nose for hypertext design and appropriate content.

Once you're satisfied with your work, upload it to the staging server, staging.cyborganic.net.

Your home page on Cyborganic must carry the Cyborganic footer. Information on adding the footer is in the FAQ

Your desktop-built site may behave differently on a live server, so check your work on the production server (http://staging.cyborganic.net/people/yourusername/). By the way, here's how we have our imagemap configuration set up.

Make any necessary corrections on your local version and upload those files again. When you are ready to put your pages on the live server, open a telnet connection to cyborganic.net, log in with your username and password, and type publish at the prompt.

Check the site one more time on the live server (http://www.cyborganic.com/people/yourusername/). If all is well, email the gardener to have your home page listed in the Forest.

If you would like certain directories in your Web site to be restricted and require passwords to access, you can use htaccess.

Cyborganic doesn't provide HTML help, but you might find a helpful soul in the community who'd be willing to look over your pages.