Cyborganic Membership FAQ

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General Answers

Q: How do I change my password?

Q: What if I forget my password?

Q: How do I forward my email?

Q: Do you bill by invoice or credit card?
A: Cyborganic bills monthly by email invoice. Payment for monthly services must be cash or check. Cyborganic also offers automatic billing with a credit card. Automatic billing customers are billed (surprise!) automatically on the first of each month. Cyborganic does not accept credit cards for single payments, only for the automatic billing arrangement.

Q: What exactly do I get with regular membership?

Q: What exactly do I get with business membership?

Q: What is my disk space limit?

Q: Can I get PPP access to Cyborganic?
A: We are presently only offering PPP access for very special situations. You could try begging. Bribes work, too, but nothing under $50,000.

Q: I have PPP access already, how do I set it up?
A: Please telephone Ryan Powers at (415) 864-5700 and beg.

Q: What do I do if the network is down?
A: wait. really.
Most of the network services are monitored by automatic programs. Every few minutes they check to make sure things are running. If they detect a problem, they attempt to correct it. If a problem persists for more than an hour, contact or call (415) 864-5700.

Q: What are the Cyborganic community email lists and how do I get on them?
A: Cyborganic has a variety of community lists with different functions. Please have a look at them and pick the one best for you.

Q: How do i configure my newsreader?
A: Our news server is named Where you put this piece of information depends entirely on the application you are using. For example, in Netscape Navigator, it's under "Mail and News Preferences" on the "Servers" tab. Unix shell account users need to put it in the NNTPSERVER environment variable.

Q: Who do I ask if my question is not answered here?

Q: What's going on around here?

Web Answers

Q: How do I put the Cyborganic footer on my page?
A: We ask that your home page carry a Cyborganic footer on the bottom of the first page. There are presently two to choose from: the original one and the new trippy one. The piece of code to put directly above the </body></html> tags on that page is:
<!--#include virtual="/people/footers/"-->
for the original footer, or
<!--#include virtual="/people/footers/trippy.html"-->
for the new trippy one.

Please be sure to always edit the document downloaded fresh off the server, or cut & paste the above piece of code when you next edit your index.html. It is important that you not edit a VIEW SOURCE document from your browser and then upload it. When you VIEW SOURCE, it expands the code into html. That means that if we ever replace the image with a nicer one or something, instead of reading in the document we have prepared, your page will display older and perhaps broken images.

Q: How do I get my home page listed in the Forest?
A: When your home page is ready to present to the world, please email the with your Cyborganic username and specify that you would like to be in the Forest. New Forest inhabitants are featured on a special page.

Q: What is your copyright policy?
A: Cyborganic strongly believes in copyright laws, and retains copyright on the Gardens. Your pages, however, are your property, and we encourage you to place your own copyright on them. Cyborganic is hatching plans to have your copyright automatically listed along with ours. Stay tuned.

Q: What is your censorship policy?

Q: Do you charge by bandwidth or hits, or a flat rate?

Q: What can I learn from my hit statistics?

Q: Can I look at my hit statistics?
A: We are presently working on a Web interface for stats that you can view by day, or run your own preferences with an analogue form. These will be protected so that no one may view your stats except you. We will notify you as soon as it's available. At that time you will be able to view statistics from the past, so don't worry about losing any data. It's all being logged. Stay tuned!

Q: Can I password protect parts of my site?
A: Yes. You can use htaccess to password protect a specified directory and all the directories within it in your Web site.

Q: Can I access the cgi-bin?
A: Yes

Q: Do you have any cgi resource links?
A: Yes

Q: Can I serve Shockwave, VRML, and Java?
A: Yes
Q: Will you teach me how to make those things?
A: No. Do a search.

Q: Do you have basic HTML tutorials?
A: Yes